Feel no fear.

speak with ease in any situation.

Whether it’s across a conference table, over a speaker phone or in front of an audience — you CAN feel safe, comfortable and confident.  Let me show you how.

Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Do you have one of the following issues?

  • Inability to speak in front of groups
  • Fear of being the focus of attention
  • Discomfort in presenting at work
  • Nervousness about interviewing
  • Anxious about performing
  • Stage Fright

My name is Cindy Locher. I’m a Behavioral Change Specialist focusing on eliminating the fear of public speaking.

I offer a uniquely effective process that helps you overcome those fears, and uncover your own high impact and authentic style. This profound change process can enable you to achieve greater fulfillment, career success and income.

This is not about perfecting "speeches" or prepping for a TED talk.

If you surf the internet for sites about public speaking or fear of public speaking or stage fright, you keep coming up with sites hammering away at concepts designed to help you with a big “speech.”

That’s not what my typical client is struggling with. 

My typical client feels the fear in every day communication situations – a departmental meeting, a job interview, introducing themselves in class or to a group of people they don’t know.

They’re not necessarily behind a lectern in front of a big room of people. They’re across a conference table, standing in a small group, or at the front of a small room. Or even alone in a room with a speaker phone.

But what about presentations?  Yes, many of my clients also need to do (but try to avoid!) talks and presentations. Usually it’s a regular meeting, like a monthly departmental update, or a quarterly sales meeting. Situations where they already know the other people in the room, but they feel very uncomfortable when the focus of all those eyes is on them. 

And yes, I also help when you’re facing “the biggest presentation of my career,” or that Best Man’s speech — those situations that don’t come up very often. Or maybe you have a new job (or are vying for one) and you’ll have to speak much more often and you need to get comfortable in order to do that.  When you’re not comfortable with speaking to begin with, these situations are even harder, aren’t they?

In the past you’ve probably spent time on those sites designed to help you become a better public speaker, or taken public presentations trainings or read books on the topic. Maybe you tried Toastmasters.  Maybe those approaches helped some, but you’re still having problems, amiright? That’s because they’re generic, they’re usually taught to a group, and they’re designed more for people who already do at least “OK” with public speaking and just want to improve. They are not designed to directly target and eliminate your subconscious fears. 

When people use public speaking skills training to overcome their fear, the assumption is that if you have some training, and then get some experience, that over time your comfort with presenting will increase.  Yes, sometimes that happens, for some people.  But not for everyone. And sometimes it backfires entirely and makes your fear worse.  And it’s much slower work, taking months and even years to really show significant improvement, and it’s much more emotionally painful work. I do this work differently. You won’t be standing up in front of a group. It will just be you and me, working with my process, which is gentle.  When you go back to work and start speaking, you’ll feel the difference right away, and it will just keep getting better from there.

 The work I do is one-on-one, individualized, client centered and targeted to you. It starts with identifying your specific fear triggers, and we desensitize your mind to those fears. “How do you do that?” is a complicated question but there’s more info about that on the Methods page. The point is because we start working exactly where you need it most, you see results right away.  Most of my clients reach their goal in just 5 sessions with me.

If this sounds like what’s going on in your life, you’re in (finally!) in the right place. These are the people I work with every day, and help every day. My process helps you feel better very quickly — it only gets better from here!

These are the situations my clients commonly struggle with:

Departmental Meetings, Etc.

I get it. You don’t want to become a motivational speaker – you just want the motivation to speak up in meetings! I work with you all the time. Learn more about how I can help you.

Conferences & Presentations

These situations are on the more “formal” side of public speaking. Maybe it’s a new job or new responsibilities or maybe it’s time to stop trying to avoid these “opportunities.” If it’s time to become more visible in your organization, I can help!

Talking to the Higher Ups

Sometimes it’s not about how many people you’re talking to, sometimes it’s about WHO you’re talking to. And to get noticed in your organization you have to be able to talk “up the organization.” 

Where do my clients come from?

While I have worked with clients from all walks of life and many industries, in general my clients are either management or executive level men and women, or business owners.  

I have worked with C-suite executives from corporations like Target and 3M, as well as university presidents.  

I have also worked with small to medium size business owners.

Sometimes clients are sent to me by their boss or their organization, but usually people find me themselves.

Often this is a hidden issue with people. They’re ashamed that they have this fear and try to hide it from others in their working lives. (Even though 40% of Americans have a fear of public speaking — it is the #1 phobia in the USA.)

Take a look through the Testimonials page. Some people are kind enough to allow me to use their full name but others still prefer to remain more anonymous and you’ll see a first name only. Either way, I bet you’ll “see yourself” in their stories, and I’m looking forward to the day when your story is on that page too! 

You can be a better speaker TODAY.

Starting with the skills and knowledge you already have.

You don’t need to spend weeks or months taking presentation skills courses or attending Toastmasters and working your way through the speeches.  You already know what you want to say — and chances are you’re not frozen in your shoes because you’re planning a TedX talk.  People who do those have already mastered their public speaking emotions.  

No, you’re frozen because of a departmental meeting.  Or a sales presentation.  Or a new group of investors coming in, a job interview, or introducing yourself in class.  Maybe it’s that bi-weekly virtual meeting you hold over a speaker phone that has you shaking in your shoes.

The point is, if you’re like my clients, you already know your material. It’s not the big annual presentation so much as it is the day to day moments where you are the focus of attention. 

And let’s face it.  This is holding you back.  You may have even considered quitting your job to find one where you don’t have this pressure.  But let’s be honest — how likely are you to find a job where you never have to communicate?

AND the truth is, (Fact Alert) the more you AVOID these situations, the deeper your fear’s hooks dig into you.  You have probably already figured this out, but you don’t know what else to do because nothing else has helped.

Sound about right? Time to fix it? That’s what I do! I’m “The Stage Fright Fixer!”  Take action now!  Learn about my methods or book a consultation.

Yes You CAN!
Be the speaker or presenter you want to be!

Like hundreds of my past clients you will be amazed at how you CAN feel when you work with my techniques. This work is FAST, it’s EASY, it’s FUN and it’s EFFECTIVE. 


Why work with me?

I’m Cindy Locher. For going on two decades now I’ve focused on helping people just like you overcome their fear of speaking in all sorts of settings.

I’ve done a lot of public speaking, including working as a corporate trainer, speaking at national conferences, teaching at university level, and even doing stand up comedy! I tell you this because I know the fear and I’ve overcome it myself. 

More importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get over their fear of being negatively judged. To find the comfort that leads to confidence.

I help you achieve the Emotional Mastery needed to have the confidence and flexibility to speak in any situation where you SHOULD be able to speak.

What my clients say

It's not about me, it's about you. And these clients were in your position a few weeks to several years ago.

Cindy Locher helped me with an area of anxiety that I’ve struggled with for years. After just a couple sessions I noticed remarkable improvement. I attribute the progress to the way Cindy targeted the therapy specifically to address the root cause of my anxiety. Cindy also taught me techniques that I can apply on my own. An area that was previously extremely challenging for me has diminished substantially and become very manageable. I am confident I can make even more progress!
John Evans
Regional Manager
Cindy helped me with anxiety problems that I have been struggling with for years. She helped me confront these fears and now I'm able to control my thoughts much better! Thanks so much!!!
John VanKrevelen
Business Owner
I have exhausted almost every avenue and spent thousands of dollars to conquer my fear of speaking/presenting. I finally decided to try hypnosis and found Cindy Locher and scheduled a series of 6 sessions. After just a few (sessions) my confidence and (positive) anticipation to speak has greatly increased. I’ve moved away from avoidance to speaking to looking forward to engaging myself in a presentation. The path is now paved and I see light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to my professional career growing.
Manager, Cargill USA

It’s no secret:  To be successful as an entrepreneur, executive, or professional in today’s market, you must present yourself well, and often.  

Look around your organization or professional field.  The people who are successful are the ones who are not afraid to be seen.  They are visible. Because they are visible, they are known. Because they are known, they are more likely to be liked and trusted. 

People do business with people they know, like and trust. 

 Are you comfortable being seen and heard? If not, you’re in the right place. You can correct your fear of judgement through the process I use, and give yourself the permission to be VISIBLE.

Ready to be visible?
Schedule a Consultation!

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