Welcome to the Rebirth of a Website!

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As I write this it’s April 30, 2019.  I originally created this website 6 years ago to better serve my clients working on fear of public speaking.

I pulled the site down a couple years ago because it needed a massive re-do. It was just time, as they say.

Well, best laid plans of mice and men but here we are two years later with a splendid redone site!

If you’ve been my client in the past, welcome back! I will be adding many more resources for you to continue on your personal public speaking journey, wherever it leads you.

If you’re finding this site for the first time, I’m so glad you’re here!

This site is a culmination of over two decades of work both as a speaker, educator, trainer, (stand up comic!), and finally for the last 12 years as a behavioral change specialist helping people release their fear of public speaking.

My wish for you is to release your fears — your fear of being judged, your fear of being the center of attention, your fear of making a mistake — and embrace the certainty that you are of value. Of value to your organization, the people who care about you and the world. What you have to contribute has value and you deserve to feel comfortable in expressing yourself, in all situations where you should feel comfortable expressing yourself.

I am here to help you through that transformation. Please, take a tour around the website and when you’re ready, contact me.



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