Why is Public Speaking Important?

importance of public speaking

There are really no negatives to being an effective public speaker. It helps in your career, your personal life, and your hobbies and interests. Public speaking skills give you confidence and poise, You will be more comfortable around strangers. People at a party are much less intimidating once you have successfully spoken to a large group! Others will admire your ability to use words skillfully and say exactly what you intend to say.

There are 3 benefits illustrating the importance of public speaking that I would like to discuss in more detail:

  1. You are able to successfully do something that most people are afraid to do. While it’s not true that people are more afraid of giving a speech than dying, it is an uncomfortable thought for most people. People often imagine that they will faint from fear, draw a blank or fall on their face on the way to the podium. Most people will do a lot to avoid having to speak before a group. If you do what most people are afraid to do they will admire you, pay more attention to your opinions and trust you to handle yourself well in social situations. This is especially valuable in work situations.
  2. You’ll be prepared when you are required to speak: Almost everyone at some point is required to speak in front of a group. It might be a meeting at work, at church, at a volunteer function, a school board meeting, a rally or protest, a eulogy, or a toast. These events tend to come up rather suddenly and most people are completely unprepared and panicked at what they have to do. If you already have public speaking skills you won’t have to worry about these unexpected situations. You’ll know how to organize your thoughts and put together an effective speech for any situation.
  3. You’ll increase your persuasive skills: Honing your persuasive skills can help you convince others to support a cause, to listen to your viewpoint, to question the validity of a previously held belief. Let’s say you are passionate about the plight of mill dogs and puppies. If you can skillfully use your words to draw attention to the animal abuse that occurs routinely in these puppy factories you can persuade people to listen to the facts you are presenting and rally them to your cause. The key is getting the audience to listen in the first place. This is not easy to do because people are reluctant to listen to ideas that are contrary to what they already believe or which make them uncomfortable. If you have persuasive skills you will be able to make a difference in the world. That’s a pretty powerful reason to develop a skill!

Effective public speaking requires organization and practice. As you practice you become skilled at word choice, gestures, and vocal variety. Anyone can learn to be a good public speaker but most people are not willing to try. Because you are willing to put in the time and effort you will reap the benefits above as well as other benefits that haven’t even occurred to you. It’s worth the effort!

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